One of the growing trends nowadays is the friends with benefits relationship. It is mainly meant for people who look for casual sex and would like to do it with someone whom they know well. Friends with benefits relationships are not easy to keep, so there are both positive as well as negative sides to it.


The Pro’s are as follows:

  • You can do away with awkwardness: The biggest positive side of this relationship is that nothing will seem awkward between you two. Since the other person involved in the act is your friend, physical intimacy will not be as awkward.
  • They know you well: Since you are doing it with your friend, the question of being judgmental does not arise. Your friend knows you well and you do not have to pretend in front of them. They know your real self and have a clear idea of exactly how you will react. They can take care well of you and will know what excites you the most.
  • friend-w-benifts-economy-powerIt is just as you promised: Whether you will develop feelings for your friend or not will be discussed later. But initially, it will be just as you promised. If you have known each other for a long time and are friends first. Hence there will be no sexual tension prevailing among the two of you. If you are comfortable with the idea of sleeping with your friend, then nothing can be better than that. Your comfort level will be unmatched.
  • Getting the best out of the both roles: You are getting the chance to be with your close friend incall callgirl to satisfy your sexual needs at the same time with As long as you are okay with the concept, you will have the best understanding among the both of you.

However, all is not good in the friends with benefits relationship. There are drawbacks and that can lead you to discomfort. So take a look at the bad sides of the relationship:

  • Emotions involved: The foremost con of this kind of a relationship is when emotions get involved. It becomes quite difficult to keep thinking that your relationship is based on mere sex, especially when you start having feelings for the person. It is not easy to keep your emotions in a separate chamber and it will end up becoming a messy situation.
  • Friendship will be lost: Even if you want to put an end to your friends with benefits relationship, it will be difficult to go back to being normal friends. There will be some amount of amount of discomfort being just friends with the person whom you have slept with and you can end up breaking your friendship. Nothing can be worse than losing a good friend.
  • Cannot get a relationship: Once you start getting sexual satisfaction from your friend, you might not be able to seek a real and serious relationship.

So, even if you are planning to go for such a relationship, weigh out both the sides well.

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Pros and Cons of Friends With Benefits

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